Whole Body

With an integrative treatment approach, Schuh Chiropractic helps heal and restore the whole body. The signals that chiropractic adjustments send to the brain, via the nervous system, reset muscle behavior patterns helping more than just your back and neck but in turn helping improve functions throughout the whole body


70% of people over the age of 60 say they have issues relating to balance due to conditions such as inner ear disorders, vertigo, arthritis, or high/low blood pressure. Regular chiropractic adjustment helps alleviate the triggers to these conditions beginning with the nervous system.

Immune System

Patients who come in with colds, sore throats, sinus congestion and stomach viruses often remark that their recovery seems to be accelerated by the chiropractic adjustment. Recent scientific developments now lend support to the idea that Chiropractic correction of the subluxation can aid the immune responses of the body by reducing nerve interference.


Patients commonly comment about feeling taller after an adjustment and having more ease of movement; Chiropractic adjustments remove nitrogen gas and other waste products from the joints increasing overall mobility and flexibility.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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