Chiropractic and Babies:

Chiropractic and Babies:

Since having our son Brady I have been googling everything!! “How much should he be eating, is he eating too much, too little…”, “Why is he not standing yet, should he be standing yet”, “When will he start talking, does he know what he is saying when he says da-da?” Come on parents, I am not alone am I?

Either way we all want the best for our kids, just to see them happy and healthy. I came across this article about chiropractic and babies (see below). I know I am lucky with Dan being a chiropractor because we have pretty easy access for adjustments ha! In fact, he was adjusted from the first day he was born but, it made me feel better about that decision after reading this article! As an adult I know I feel better after an adjustment, it’s the same thing for babies as well! Take a read and let me know what you think!

– Kellan Schuh

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